Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saree packing done by me

Jewellery and bangle packing done by me.

Elaborated jewellery and bangle packing done by me for my sweet sister in law.

Stationary holder

Cute and colorful stationary holder made by my student with card board tube and paper thread. Very easy to make yet beautiful

Tissue fabric vandanvar made by my student

Bangle packing done by me

Cute little bird nest made by my student

Mini cakes made by me and my sister in law.

Cosmetic packing

Bridal cosmetic packing done by me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Saree Draping in different Styles

Learn to wear Saree In Different Styles like an expert.

The magnificence of a Saree, as a dress, is timeless and unmatched. But what usually gets to women is the question - How to wear a Saree perfectly? Not just that, queries extend further to, How to wear a Saree for a Party or How to wear a Sari to look slim. We, at Rose N Wrap have attempted to get you out of your draping misery and are proud to present you with Saree Draping Workshop.

Believe it or not, your days of fussing over how to wear a Saree are over. we not only provide you with a smart learning experience of how to drape a Saree, but also on offer are some of the most popular forms of Saree draping styles.With this, you also find some handy tips that help bring out the complete gracefulness of a Saree.

Now you can dress up in a desirable Saree style all by yourself.

Below given is the Styles covered in th workshop:-
1. Nivi Style
2. Gujrati Style
3. Coorgi Style
4. Lehenga Style
5. Bengali Style
6. Mermaid Style
7. Mumtaz Style
8. Double Saree Style
And various other variations

For more Detail 

Call:- 9810968876

Saree Draping workshop conducted for Singapore High Commission.

Saree draping workshop conducted for Singapore High Commission, New Delhi. It was a great experience and all these ladies are looking like Indian Divas.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Card Made by my Student

Beautiful Punch Crafted Card Made by my Student Aadhar. He also won an Award for this Card. So proud of him.


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