Courses Offered

My Craft n Hobby workshop are designed to increase your creative value, make you a professional & convert your hobby even in to skilled specialty. To learn these courses you do not require any formal education. These courses are also useful for those who would like to learn it for their own creative satisfaction.

Courses Offered are: -
1.   Gift Packing
2.     Chocolate Making
3.     Vegetable Carving
4.     Flower Making
a)     Stocking Flower
b)    Bead Flower
c)     Chemical Flower
d)    Wire Flower
e)     Paper Flower
f)      Wax Flower (Direct)
g)     Wax Flower (Coated)
h)    Ribbon Flowers

5.     Painting
a)      Glass Painting
c)      Broken Glass Painting
d)     Coffee Painting
e)      Tile Painting
f)       Pressed Flower Painting
g)      Masala Painting
h)     Tanjore Painting
i)        Jewellary Painting
j)        Fabric Painting
l)       Velvet Acrylic Painting
m)  Ceramic Painting

6.       Candle Making
7.        Deco Patch Work
8.        Calligraphy
9.        Pot Decoration
12.  Jharokha
14.    Wall Hanging
15.    Mughal Darwaja
16.     Table Panels
19.      Shell Art
20.       Mural Making
21.       Fancy Mirror Decoration
22.        Kids Craft
23.   M Seal Craft 



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