Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vegetable Carving Classes in Gurgaon

Vegetable carving workshop
Rose n Wrap is offering Fruit and Vegetable carving classes in gurgaon for females only.
Get the creative satisfaction of turning common fruit and vegetables into beautiful garnishes, bouquets, side dishes and centerpieces that you will be proud to display.
 Learn to make 20 types of Fruit n Vegetable Carving n 5 Types of Platters. 
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chocolate Making Workshop in Gurgaon

Learn the art of making 30 types of exquisite chocolates at home. Rose n Wrap offers Assorted Chocolate Making Course for females only..

In this course, you'll learn how to temper chocolate perfectly and also create a range of chocolates, such as Fruit 'n' Nut, Coffee Crunch, Mint, Marble Swirls, Chocolate-covered fruits, Chocolate wafers, Praline, marzipan, Soft Centered and more. You'll also learn how to gift wrap them in a beautiful, professional manner.

Courses take place in small batches of 7-10 people to ensure hands-on practice for everyone. Course lasts 2-3 hours and takes place in comfortable environment.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Packing in Gurgaon

Gift Wrapping is one pleasurable chore that encompasses the use of rich materials, skills and aesthetics. All of us admire exchanging gifts but when packed properly and professionally they become more accentuating and eye-catching. With effective and beautiful packing the gifts can get a new look and dimension. Your gift is not only a reflection of your personality but also of how well you appreciate the tastes of the person you are sending a gift to.

Gift wrapping is not limited only to wedding ceremonies but also needed for day to day celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, house warming’s, baby showers and all festivals. No matter what emotion you want to convey, you can convey it through our gift wrapping.

We understand the occasion & emotions attached to the gift and give it a personal touch by taking it to another level of creativity. Numerous gift wrapping techniques, concepts and skills are employed by us including those sourced from across the globe to be in sync with international trends and traditional Touch. Gifts packed by us don't speak, but they express exactly what you want to say. They can carry your emotions in their cradle unharmed.

We accessorize your gifts with an array of mesmerizing and decorative materials like beads, flowers of different kinds, patches, designer laces & gotta, Swarovski & crystals etc. We pack the gift to enhance the value and emotions attached with the token. Each gift is designed immaculately to add that personal touch that everybody cherishes. Gifts wrapped by us are a carrier of your warm thoughts but also an indicator of how well we understand your individual style and taste. From classic to modern, our gift wrapping is always original. We offer creative designs and finishing touch for personalized gift wrapping and accessories that will keep people talking about your gift as well as about your wrapping.

We can also design special theme wrappings for you. Tell us your special requirements, the special person to whom you wish to gift to and also the feelings you would like to convey. One look at our customized gifts wrappings and you will always count on us whenever you wish to convey a special message.

Rose n Wrap is providing services like:-
·         Gift Packing
·         Trousseau Packing
·         Designer Baskets
·         Baby Shower Packing
·         Corporate Packing
·         Stylish Envelopes
·         Theme Packing

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Workshop for Kids

Rose n Wrap is offering variety of courses for Kids in this Summer Vacation.

The workshop will feature arts and crafts projects that will stir the imagination of boys and girls. These activities will encourage their creativity, self-expression and urge to create something...... useful from waste stuff as they work with varied and unique art projects.

We have to ensure that the children dont feel the pressure to perform. When they see their friends performing various tasks, they open up a lot more. The course module is designed in a way that they can put there imaginative thinking to it.

Detail of Summer Workshop for Kids
1.) Items to be included for Age Group: 04 - 07 yrs
b.Photoframe decoration
c.Pot Decoration
d.Decorative Coaster
e.Stationery Holder
f.Watermelon Bowl
g.CD Wall Hanging

2.) Items to be included for Age Group: 07 - 10 yrs
a.Reverse Glass Painting
b.Broken Glass Painting
c.Coffee Painting
d.Canvas Painting
e.Photoframe decoration
f.Pot Decoration
g.Decorative Coaster

1 month workshop, thrice in a Week i.e. every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Time:- 03:00P.M. to 05:00 P.M.
Fees:- Rs. 2000 Including material

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Monday, April 23, 2012


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