Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunflower Stencil

This Sunflower Stencil is good for Glass painting, Patch Work, Stamping and other craft Projects.

Candle Decoration

Candle Decoration done by using Net Ribbon and Big red Christmas Red Flower.

Beaded Lotus Flower with shower

Beaded Flower made from 8 number small beads n I have used both French and Victorian Style of beading in making this Flower. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gujari Painting done on a wall

This is Gujari painting done on a textured wall where Gopi's of mathura ( Where Krishna ji was brought up) are playing n enjoying the swings. 

Saree Packing in Radha krishna theme

Cane Basket Decorated for Christmas Packing

Cane Basket painted in bright golden colour n decorated with Dark Green ferns and Red colour flowers perfect for any occasion

Tanjore Painting

This is one of the first few painting made by me

Craft Items Submitted by my Student in the competition organized by newspaper Friday Gurgaon

These are few of the Craft Items Submitted by my Students for the Competition Starting from top left Ganesha face made up of Old C.D's, Glass Painting of 3 ladies, Vandanvar made up of Texture white n Murals, Paper Quilling Card.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Silver Boxes Packed in Decorative Wooden Tray

This Wooden Carving Tray is decorated with handmade Sequence and Crystal Flowers with Velvet Carpet is used to gift Silver Boxes on Sagan.

Konark Wheel

This is a Konark Wheel made on Wooden Cut out in the Shape of a Wheel n Textured it with p.o.p and Glue and fixed Murals on top. Finally Painted and decorated the Wall Hangaing 

Little Angel Design Patter Stencil

Hi all, I have started this new thing of sharing the various new Design Stencils with all you guys so that it can be used in various ways like for Glass Painting, Fabric Painting, Card Making or for any other Purpose. Just Print the Design n Get Going. I hope this will help you in your Craft Projects. Happy Crafting.

Wire Flower

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Knife Painting

This Painting is done on Canvas using Oil Colours and painted with Knife.

Bridal Footwear Packing

Bridal Footwear are packed in a nice Brocade Fabric covered Basket with handle n Decorated with bright colour crystal Motifs in metal, Pearls and Beads. Also a Velvet floor is given under the footwear.

Saree Packing done in Sawan Theme

This Saree is packed in Beautifully in Sawan Theme with the use bright color flowers n Ferns.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coffee Painting

This Painting is made up on M.D.F  Board , with Egyptian Picture decoupaged on it and used Pearl Golden 3D Outliner by Fevicryl to enhance the outline of the painting. Now the whole Painting is done by using Various shades of Drinking Coffee.  

Candle Decoration

Handmade Paraffin Wax Candle Decorated with Paper Quilling using Curls, swirls, Leaves in Green color n Roses in Dull Red color, also used Paper tape for covering the candle.


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